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New collaboration for CB2 out now.

time-honored. Artist abstracts the mark of time on everyday objects. Veronica Corzo-Duchardt pixelates and exaggerates decades of peeling paint in cool shades of blue and grey. On a recent trip to Havana, the artist was "struck by the layers of time on surfaces throughout the island—paint on the walls, hastily repaired cracks in the sidewalks—it made me think about all the stories they had witnessed." Initially captured in a photograph and replicated here as an original screenprint.

veronica corzo-duchardt. A Cuban-American artist and designer based in Chicago, Corzo-Duchardt is known for work that explores memory, heritage and culture embedded in overlooked objects. Her prints celebrate these lost histories and translate them into the present. "My process is based on collection and documentation. I use photographs to isolate original materials and then transform them into an abstract contemporary print."

CB2 Edition LMTD: CB2 Edition LMTD original works are offered one time only in small reserve. This special design has a limited-edition release of 125.

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